Save Chiang Mai Group donates 1,000 N95 masks

 | Tue 9 Mar 2021 16:18 ICT

A group of local volunteers have come together again after first forming during last year’s lockdown when they set up free food stations accross the city. Today they reformed to donate 1,000 masks to the public, by handing them out at Sarn Dek Intersection.

“We want to raise awareness amongst the public to be aware of the dangers of air pollution, of PM2.5…we want to point out that the dangers are long term and severe,” said Tanunwat Weraphongkamon, the founder and funder of the group. “These N95 masks are an effective, practical and easy to use filtration which works well. We want people to be interested, then they will hopefully go and find information and then become informed. If we are all informed and protect ourselves effectively, then like the use of masks against the virus, its the same model, it will work. If possible I would like the government offices to come out and help raise awareness and understanding so that our citizens can be protected.”

Local media have reported that the police and the traffic police were part of this initiative. However, Citylife spoke to many volunteers who said that that was not the case, claiming that only a couple of policemen turned up to hand out a couple of masks.

“We need the Public Health Office and the government sector to step up and make people understand the dangers they are breathing in,” added Tanunwat.

Cityilfe asked five people who were recipients of the mask whether they knew the difference between the current masks and the N95 masks. All five said that they didn’t. In fact most people we are told were confused why they were being offered masks when they were wearing one.