‘Satan Worshipper’ Killed Bangkok Musician Who Insulted His Devil Master

 | Thu 20 Feb 2014 10:02 ICT

CityNews – A man arrested for murder in Bangkok on 18th February, who calls himself a Satan worshipper, has told police he murdered his victim because the deceased had offended him by ‘defaming’ Satanism.

A snap of video footage of the murderer and the police.

The accused murderer, Prakarn Harnphanbussakorn (26) said that he murdered Sam-Ong Traisattha (36), the victim, as an act of self-defence. He had initially admitted to murdering the victim on his Facebook account, where his profile name is “Maleficent Meditation”. This was where he stated he had stabbed the victim more than 30 times and bragged that he had managed to remain calm during and after the violent act.

The deceased was a lead singer and bassist for metal band Surrender of Divinity which enjoys popularity in the alternative live music scenes of Bangkok. The murderer was apparently a fan of the band and became incensed when Sam-Ong, also known as Avaejee, repeatedly mocked Satan and Satan followers when performing on stage.

Prakarn has now denied that he ever posted his confession to Facebook, where it is also alleged that he stated he killed the victim “because he deserves it”. On 10th January Surrender of Divinity’s official Facebook page posted the following message about the murder:

AVAEJEE, our Black Vomitor/Bass Thunder and most importantly our blood-brother has passed away yesterday by a cruel murdered. No words can express about this lost in our horde. Have a rest down there brother! May our blackest flames blazing bright forever!