Russian Shot in what Police Believe was Road Rage Incident

 | Thu 22 Aug 2013 11:38 ICT

CityNews – A Russian man was shot dead in Phuket on August 17th after what Phuket police say was a “road rage” incident, a type of incident that seems to be common in Thailand.

Congestion often leads to frustration and anger

The Phuket news reports three Russian men, two tourists and an expat, had been out for dinner. On their drive home along Rawai Beach a motorcycle pulled up beside them carrying two Thai men. Police are not yet sure what happened but an argument ensued and later turned into a fight for space on the road.

When again the bike pulled up alongside the car shots were fire at the car. Maksim Klochkov, 32, was hit in the stomach. The bike quickly fled from the scene.

Police are still looking for the motorcycle pair, while Mr. Klochkov is recovering in hospital.

In 2010 Chiang Mai people may remember the case of Josef Schuller, a German man who was shot dead at the San Sai intersection on the Chiang Mai-Prao Road. It was reported that the German man made an impolite gesture with his hand (a finger) after the truck had sounded its horn at the German. The killing was controversial, and at the time caused many local Thais to discuss the shooting on web forums, many of whom agreed that in Thailand such impolite behaviour would and even should be met with intolerance.

Three days later a hilltribe man was shot dead at the same spot at the same intersection.

Expats who have lived in Thailand for some time often warn those new to the country not to be a part of road rage if it can be helped.