Russian boy, 7, severely injured in hot springs

 | Thu 14 Oct 2021 15:48 ICT

Chiang Mai Tourist Police visited a 35 year old Russian woman and her son, 7 today, after the child fell into hot springs and injured himself. The injury happened on the 4th October and was immediately sent to Pai Hospital. However, his injuries were severe and he was transferred for treatment at Ram Hospital, Chiang Mai.

The family of three had previously been visiting Pattaya, before making their way north, landing in Chiang Mai on the 1st October and soon visiting Pai

While taking some photographs of her son the mother saw him fall into the hot springs and allegedly took a few minutes to be able to bring him out.

He has since undergone three operations and is no longer considered in critical condition.

Unable to pay the 500,000 baht hospital fee, and with no insurance, the family says that it has received support from the Russian Orthodox Church of Thailand.

Pai police say that they have visited the hot springs and will look into safety and precautionary measures.