Route to Doi Ang Khang Reopens

 | Tue 22 Oct 2019 13:27 ICT

CityNews – 18th October 2019, after road works were recently completed, chief officer of Chiaprakarn Highway posted on social media to inform the public that while the road is now open, it still has sharp curves and steep slopes. As the weather in the area is known to change quickly, with fast fogs forming and disappearing, she urges motorists to be careful while driving. The following notice was announced:

1. Drivers should be familiar with the route, or know how to drive up and down mountains.

2. Vehicles must be thoroughly checked (brake, car radiator, engine, etc.) prior to drive.

3. Drivers must use full attention, e.g. no phones while driving.

4. Follow the recommended signs, both the standard signs and other supplemented signs, along the route.

5. Wind down windows and turn off air-conditioning to reduce stress on vehicles and to allow the smell of burning of the clutch of brake should an emergency happen.

6. For those who are not familiar with the route, it is not recommended to drive at night.  Be warned that phone signals are intermittent.

7. Leave a generous space between the vehicle in front.

8. Do not use the break continuously (it will burn). Step on and off, while using low transmission 1-2 D1, D2.

9. If a driver feels tired, please stop and sleep along the way.

10. During the festive season highway personnel will be stationed along the road, please obey them strictly.

11. Auto-transmission motorcycles should not be used on the way down of the route 1249.

12. If the brake burns, park the car for 15 – 30 minutes, do not pour water onto the brake, let it cool naturally.

13. Big vehicles (e.g. buses) are not allowed on this route.

For more information, call 089-9516563 Phatthanan Kamakoon, chief officer of Chiaprakarn Highway; or PR of Mae Ngon subdistrict administrative office (Doi Ang Khang) 053-346-296 ext 111; and rescue team of Mae Ngon 053-884-436 (24 hours).

Photo credit: Nirut Rattanawong

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