Road Rage Pickup Purposefully Blocks Ambulance With Seriously Injured Patient in Back

 | Wed 18 Jan 2017 07:05 ICT

CityNews РA video of a pickup driver purposefully blocking the path of an ambulance with a dying patient inside has gone viral after it was shared by Chiang Mai Rescue Fanpage on Jan 15.

pickup blocking

Video from Chiang Mai Rescue Fanpage Facebook Page

The video, which now (Jan 18) has almost 850,000 views on Facebook, shows footage from an ambulance cctv recording of the moment the ambulance drives towards a hospital down a small soi.

Following a black pickup, the ambulance finds an opportunity and overtakes continuing down the soi. Further down the road the ambulance decided to do a u-turn to take a faster route to the hospital before the black pickup truck pulled up and stopped on the road blocking the way for the ambulance.

The clip shows the ambulance driver opening his window and scolding the driver for blocking his way, explaining that paramedics were performing CPR on a seriously injured person in the back. The pickup truck driver responded by scolding the ambulance driver in return and not moving out of the way.

The post asks the public to share the video with a message to avoid feeling road rage against emergency vehicles. It is not yet clear whether Chiang Mai Rescue service will be pressing charges against the pickup driver or not.