Retail (R)Evolutuion: Promenada Revitalising Itself as a Fun Leisure Shopping Mall

 | Thu 30 Jun 2016 03:20 ICT

Press Release

CityNews – Promenada Shopping Mall is revitalising the mall to become a centre of unique shopping experiences, fun and leisure in Chiang Mai.

On June 29, the CEO of Promenada Resort Mall, Tjeert Kwant, held a press conference at Mix Restaurant Promenada to announce the new Retail (R)Evolution; plans for the future project. It plans to provide three main components to answer customer demands at the shopping mall.


First, Promenada is committed to providing a second-to-none Lifestyle Experience Centre. Each visit to a mall should be a celebration especially for families.

Second, Promenada is increasing their Regional Service Centre capabilities. Chiang Mai Immigration office is already a key tenant of Promenada, providing One Stop Services for foreign residents in the area as well as tourists and by 21 July 2016 the office space will expand to increase the number of desks. Also, they have joined hands with the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) to launch a 500-square-meter Software Store & Co-Working Space to facilitate businessmen and startup companies in Chiang Mai.

Third, Promenada aims to become not only a tourist destination but the pride of Chiang Mai. For the major project scheduled to take place soon, Promenada has joined hands with My DINO company to invest over 175 million baht to create DINO WORLD Chiang Mai. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. Lanna Live, an interactive center in association with Chiang Mai Brands involving 200 local factories, is also opening within the next six months.

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