Restaurant Association pleads with government to allow sale of alcohol

 | Tue 26 Oct 2021 16:27 ICT

Thanit Chumsaeng, President of the Chiang Mai Restaurant and Entertainment Association told CityNews that Chiang Mai has officially been open to tourists since the 1st of October, though it expects a surge in November when the country opens up.

As Chiang Mai no longer has travel restrictions, he is urging the government to allow for alcohol sales for between 5pm and 9pm to help kick start the economy.

“Between 5pm and 9pm is not the time when people go and get drunk, but it is simply to enjoy a drink with dinner,” he explained. “If we wait until the 1st of December as the Prime Minister proposes, this could really hurt so many local businesses. Tourists wants to visit and not be allowed a glass for dinner. It sends mixed He proposes alcohol be sold during these times effective immediately.