Residents queue for free vegs donated by Omkoi Farmers

 | Fri 21 May 2021 12:22 ICT

There were long lines of people at the front of the Provincial Administration Organisation office earlier today with hundreds of people queuing up to receive donated produce.

The fruits and vegetables being given away to those in need were all donated by Omkoi farmers who travelled to Chiang Mai to bring 10 tonnes of pumpkin, 10 tonnes of tomatoes, 7-10 tonnes of bell peppers and 4-5 tonnes of rice to offer as relief.

Social distancing was in place and all was conducted in an orderly manner.

This is the second time this year that the farmers of Omkoi have been so generous, last week also donating similar amounts.

“Everyone is affected by this pandemic,” said Tanasia Wongssotthiklai, 45, a highlander from Omkoi. “We are struggling to sell our produce and with prices so low, it is better to just give it to our brothers and sisters in the city who need it.

In total 60 tonnes of produce have been donated in the past week from highlanders in Omkoi, one of the poorest areas in Thailand.