Relatives Fight on for Three Dead Cyclists

 | Thu 10 Sep 2015 07:11 ICT

CityNews -Relatives of the three deceased cyclists, 62-year-old Saman Kantha, 40-year-old Pongthep Khamkaew, and 63-year-old Chaiwat Yonglan who were killed by drunk driver, 23-year-old university student Phatchuda Chairuean on the 3rd of May, all attended the first court hearing at the Chiang Mai Provincial court on 9th September.

fight for compensation

Phatchuda arrived at the court with a shaved head and wearing a white nun’s garb, entering and leaving the court from the back entrance to avoid the press. After a two-hour session, the court announced that it was awaiting the conclusion of the civil case, in order to take all matters into consideration for the criminal case’s verdict.

Phatchuda had brought with her 210,000 baht to pay to the families of the victims, offering 70,000 baht per victim as compensation in the civil court. The families of the victims rejected her offer, demanding between 4-5 million each in compensation instead.

Kongkarn Yonglung, the daughter of 63 year old Chaiwat Yonglan, one of the deceased cyclists, told CityNews that she was satisfied with the court proceedings so far, but was not satisfied with Phatchuda’s behaviour. She says that since the incident, the accused has not once visited any member of the families of the deceased nor shown any personal responsibility, nor regret and sorrow, for their deaths. She had only met her once, the first time when she was arraigned and then again on this day. She says that in spite of her nun attire, the accused has yet to apologise. She says that she is determined to see this case until its ending, to make an example and shine a light on the dangers of drinking and driving.