Rampaging Teenagers Murder Landlord

 | Mon 1 Oct 2018 07:38 ICT

On 30th September at 4pm, the Chiang Mai Muang police announced that on the previous night a group of teenagers attacked Charun Inta, 60, the owner of an apartment building in San Sai. His body was found in his apartment building.

On the day of the incident, police discovered, the renters of the apartment had a fight and their friends joined in. Charun happened upon the group and stepped in to calm the situation. He finally left on his motorbike to find the local village head to ask him for help, but before he could leave the apartment gate, he was attacked and killed by the fighting group.

The CCTV footage caught Anuwat Rujiwong, 26, attacking Charun and he has been taken into custody.