Rajavej Hospital says no cases of COVID-19 to date

 | Tue 3 Mar 2020 14:35 ICT

CityNews – Rajavej Hospital has come out to officially announce that they have had no cases of Coronavirus, as has been widely reported on social media. This announcement follows Lanna Hospital’s similar announcement from last week.

3rd March 2020, following rumours and numerous posts on some so-called news sites and groups about a patient with COVID-10 who was reportedly hospitalised at Rajavej Hospital, causing some panic amongst patients and visiting family and friends. Some people have been too fearful of visiting the hospital, even though they need to for their own health, said Dr. Hassadin Protien, Hospital Director.

“People have been sharing false information on social media saying that there have been patitnets with COVID-19 who have come to seek treatment here at Rajavej,” said Dr. Hassadin. “This has caused much panic and concern from those who seek our services.”