Rains disappointingly sporadic so far

 | Mon 8 Jun 2020 13:49 ICT

The weir at Pa Dad has revealed worryingly low levels of water in the Ping River, as the river’s muddy and rocky bottom can now be seen.

Farmers downstream are deeply concerned at the water management of such limited resources, with many farmers already turning towards crops which rely on less water.

The province has highlighted 15 districts as those facing drought – Om Koi, Hod, Chiang Dao, Mae Ai, Sanpatong, Fang, Kalyaniwattana, Doi Lor, Mae Taeng, Doi Tao, Hang Dong, Mae Chaem, Mae Rim, Vieng Haeng and Chaiprakarn.

An emergency fund has also been set up to help alleviate financial hardships for farmers.

That being said the Metrological Department has announced the arrival of rains and warns of freak storms.