Pyramid scheme victims lost 1 million

 | Mon 20 Jul 2020 12:56 ICT

Over thirty people went to Sanpatong police station yesterday to file reports against Ploy, a 27 year old woman, who they claim scammed them in a pyramid scheme.

Many of the people knew the 27 year old personally and said that they had been guaranteed returns by her. However, they say that they are now unable to find her as she has disappeared. In total, the group lost over one million baht.

The woman is nicknamed Ploy and had a Facebook page translated to ‘Shares Ploy’s House’ where she often posted to invite people to invest, promising good returns as well as bank account photos and expensive goods.

Some of the 30 people say they have been investing for over six months with return on investments promised regularly. One person said that he received 6,000 baht return on a 100 baht investment. There was one person who invested 140,000 baht, though most of them were in the low tens.

Investors say that they are happy to negotiate with Ploy, but if she continues to evade them they will see this case to through to the full extent of the law.