Prostrating for a Pineapple

 | Thu 7 Nov 2013 10:08 ICT

CityNews – Thairath reported on 6th November another case of strange fruit in Thailand, this time a blessed pineapple in Sukhothai.

Natticha Duangchan, from Sukhothai, told the newspaper that one day she looked in her garden and villagers had flocked there and were all looking in the same spot.

She added that after she had planted a pineapple near her spirit house in front of her home it had grown with a heart shaped in it. Moreover, she said that on Buddhist holy days it smelled very strong.

When villagers heard about this fantastic fruit, they told her to cut it off its roots or it would be eaten by insects. She then kept the pineapple inside her house. People have been coming and praying to the pineapple as it’s believed to bring good luck.

This story follows other stories where vegetables and fruits with super powers have been blessing local folk this year.