Printing House Pollution Raises Concern Among Locals, Again

 | Thu 28 Jun 2018 03:32 ICT

CityNews – Locals have filed a complaint against a printing house in Chang Phueak that is causing pollution.

Residences of Chottana Niwet Housing on Chang Phueak has filed a complaint against a printing house which is located nearby. The people have accused the printing house of producing air pollution from the chemicals used in the printing process, along with noise pollution and vibrations from the machines.

A complaint was already submitted earlier in the year which ended in a cease order from a Chiang Mai court. This order, which was issued in March was ignored, and the printing house is still operating today.

Authorities clarified that although the printing house is appealing, they are not allowed to operated during that time. After being denied access to investigate the printing house, the authorities were finally able to visit the operation on June 28th, in the presence of an attorney of the printing house owner.

The attorney admitted to violation of the court order but claimed that the factory will be moved to Doi Saket soon.

One of the residences who filed the complaint stated that this company has been operating for over 10 years starting out as a small printing house, later expanding. According to the statement, many people were forced to move away as apart from air and noise pollution, the printing house also has been draining untreated waste water into the sewage system which has been causing bad smells and loud noises.

The residences also told the press that they have filed complaints many times, but have not seen any effective result. The hope that this time will finally see the problem solved.