Primate Habitat Restoration Project in Mae On A Success

 | Mon 29 Jun 2015 07:36 ICT

CityNews – Flight of the Gibbon held their yearly Primate Habitat Restoration Project with help from local villagers and students from Suksasongkhoa Chiang Mai School on June 27.

forest conservation 1

The project, which is held every year, takes place in the forest near Mae Kampong village in Mae On.

The project focuses on increasing the number of trees, conserve animals in the forest and educate local communities.

Demis Galli
Demis Galli

People involved in tree planning were trained by experts from the Forest Restoration Research Unit of Chiang Mai University.

The same projected has also just been held in Siem Reap, Cambodia, with resident scientist Demis Galli who has lead both projects.

Event organisers from Flight of the Gibbon mentioned that they planned to invest in a Hornbill Re-introduction Project, which aims at increasing the severely dwindling numbers of Hornbills found in the wild in Northern Thailand.

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