Prepping for phase 5

The ministry of interior has released a statement that since January 4th a total of 26,886 Thais have been in state quarantine in 43 facilities across the country. Of that number 147 were found to have the virus while 20,027 have since returned home. There are still currently 7,371 Thais in state quarantine. A further 1,428 Thais arrived in the past two days from the UK, Netherlands, Australia, Bahrain, South Africa, South Korea and Singapore. There have also been a total of 34,518 Thais in local quarantine (within provinces) since 10th April with 3,585 remaining.

The ministry went on to say that a total of 3 million milliliters of blood have been donated across Thailand and 2.3 million masks have been distributed to various communities. There have also been 360 ‘happiness boxes’ set up by the government, going on to say that they have donated masses of food and have been assisting farmers and fishermen across the nation to help alleviate their financial stress.

The ministry says that it is currently preparing final details of the phase 5 of the easing of the lockdown, focusing on communicating with the public to ensure that everyone in the country supports necessary processes to maintain safety.