Police Considering Criminal Case Against Massage Parlour where Pregnant Client went into a Coma and Miscarried

 | Tue 12 Feb 2019 16:29 ICT

CityNews – 12th February 2019, the police are looking into the case of a pregnant woman who is in a coma after receiving a massage as a criminal case.

Following last week’s report of a 26 year old pregnant woman who fell into a coma following a massage in a business in Muang District of Chiang Mai, a meeting was held on February 11th with police, local authorities, family members of the woman and the representatives of the unnamed massage place.

The pregnant woman went to receive a massage on February 5th. After which her father was notified that she was in coma. Her condition has caused her to miscarry.

After an hour of discussion, police revealed that the massage business will be giving 20,000 baht to the woman as compensation. The case awaits medical examination result and is being considered whether this is a criminal case. If so, the victim will receive 110,000 baht compensation and a cost for medical treatment at no more than 40,000 baht.

No reasons have been given by the police at this time why they suspect this could be a criminal case.