Pork, chicken and egg prices soar

 | Thu 13 Jan 2022 17:39 ICT

Consumers are complaining at the continuous rise in cost of pork, chicken and eggs, among other produce.

According to CityNews reporter, who visited Ton Payom Market earlier today, pork belly has increased to 240 baht per kg from 180 baht just last month. Chicken has also gone up in price by 5 baht per kg and eggs have also gone up by 10 satang per egg.

Authorities from the Chiang Mai Office of Commerce also visited Ton Payom Market this morning, telling vendors that they will continue with a campaigned launched earlier this month, by extending it to the end of the , offering a subsidised price on 600 kg of pork at 150 baht per kg to be distributed to various butchers across the city.