Popular Facebook Page Compares Thai University Hazing Ritual to Nazism

 | Tue 1 Oct 2013 09:19 ICT

CityNews – Facebook page ‘Hordsat’ V2, a page that seems dedicated to publishing anything that is taboo, presented the Thai social media crowd with a question:

“Is this Nazism?” The question was referring to SOTUS, the Thai university hazing ritual.

Many Thai posters vented their disapproval of SOTUS, while some posters pointed out what they thought was another misappropriation of Hitler inside a Thai university

Some comments that followed the popular post read:

Ton Not-interested: “If I were at uni I wouldn’t do it (hazing). I’d slap their faces with my foot. It’s nonsense. People go to university to study, not to do stupid things like that.”

Oliver Feind: “Whatever that is, that’s NOT funny. You idiots have no idea who Hitler was.”