Poor Community Burnt to the Ground in Chang Klan

 | Tue 5 May 2015 10:03 ICT

CityNews – A fire has decimated a poor community behind the Chiang Klan Crematorium last Sunday, May 3, leaving one dead and 70 without a home.


The Hua Fai community, populated by Burmese and hill tribe people, burned to the ground after one of the homes, made from wood and metal sheets, caught fire.

By the time fire services arrived, most of the community was already on fire, and residents were attempting to put out the blaze with the little water they could acquire.

It took several hours to control the blaze and evacuate all the residents.

According to a witness, 58-year-old Chorn Srinakam, the fire started around 8.40pm. She claimed the fire started in her neighbour’s house.

She claimed that her neighbour, identified as 54-year-old Angkana “Aoi” Duangkamwichai, often lit candles in her house and was often drunk.

It is believed that she lit candles and fell asleep, resulting in her home catching alight.

Locals also claimed that her house had caught fire twice already, but were quickly extinguished.

Her body was found in the remains of her home once the blaze was controlled.

The fire destroyed over 20 homes and has left 70 people without shelter, belongings or food. It stretched over 500 meters, across the whole soi.

People have donated food and supplies to the affected residents and donations can be made to the Chang Klan Crematorium.