Pollution Levels Soar to 255

 | Tue 10 Mar 2015 08:31 ICT

CityNews – Following reports of pollution levels (PM10) reaching 161 yesterday, Chiang Mai Municipality has today released figures which are the highest recorded this year, with a pollution level of 255.

fire map

Fires recorded by NASA over the last 48 hours.

Pollution levels increased from last evening, measuring 196 at 7pm and reaching over 200 this morning.

A PM10 reading of 255 was taken at 1pm today at Sri Phum sub-district’s measuring station.

Chiang Mai Municipality told CityNews that there is a ban on burning in place until May 15, but is clearly being ignored. They also suggested that the pollution levels have increased due to the number people cooking food around the city.

However, they also acknowledged that readings can increase and decrease rapidly, depending on the amount of burning and changes to wind direction and other external factors.

NASA’s Fire Information for Resource Management System Web Fire Mapper has been shared across social media this week, clearly displaying vast amounts of burning in the South East Asian region.

You can observe near-real time burning locations across the globe or visit specific dates for backdated information by clicking here.

To report illegal burning, call

1. Chiang Mai Department of National Parks: 053-276-100

2. The Office of Environmental Protection: 053-112-725