Policeman and ranger hug it out after altercation

 | Thu 20 Aug 2020 19:28 ICT

Yet another drama which ricocheted around social media this week, was the incident involving two men who came to blows following a driving incident. Emerging from their vehicles late last night in Santitam, both sides began to threaten the other, one claiming to be a policeman while the other boasted that he was part of the army.

Today the police invited both parties to the Chang Phuak station. The first man was Police Corporal Kajkamol Tantrakul who actually works out of the Chang Phuak station while the other person was a volunteer ranger force, Theerapong Sipanya.

After talking for one hour the two agreed to negotiate and Theerapong agreed to pay Kajkamol 3,000 baht for damage done to his gold chain and amulet.

Both were fined 500 baht for causing a public disturbance.

According to Theerapong, it was a simple matter of misunderstanding. He said that while driving, both flashed their headlights at one another, leading them both to exit their vehicles, trade insults and come to blows.

There were rumours that weapons were drawn, but both sides denied this.

Both men asked society to forgive them before shaking hands and giving one another hugs.