Police Stopping Foreign Drivers – Fines subject to Change

 | Tue 29 Oct 2013 10:36 ICT

CityNews – Several sources have come forward this week to tell CityNews that the Thai police are out each day at various spots in the city stopping mostly motorbike riders, helmet or no helmet.

Although in the past riders who weren’t wearing helmets were targeted, now the police are stopping anyone and everyone. Riders are asked to show their driving licenses and in some case green books.

In one case the rider was carrying both, but he was charged 1,000 baht (later reduced) for riding a bike with a modified exhaust.

The Transport Office and police have already stated that foreigners will be targeted at police stops in an effort to reduce accidents in the city.

The latest person to come forward to CityNews this morning explained that she had left her license at home, and though she was wearing a helmet, the policemen said he’d have to write her a ticket for 400 baht. She explained that this was reduced for an on-the-spot 200 baht fine.