Police say teenagers causing trouble across city

 | Wed 17 Jun 2020 15:13 ICT

Police have told reporters that since the curfew lifted earlier this week there have been a sharp increase of incidents involving teenagers, often drunk.

The latest news was from last night when a group of 20 teenagers, believed to be around 17 and 18 years old, were rounded up and arrested for causing a late night disturbance near 12 Huay Kaew.

A concerned citizen called the police when he was approached by two young men asking him whether he had seen the girlfriend of one of them. Not knowing any of these people the man told them that he hadn’t. He noticed that the young men looked annoyed and were looking for a fight so he called the police. Upon arrival police rounded up a large group of teens who were, allegedly, drunk.  

Police say that the number of arrests for drunk driving has also been on a sharp increase, with many cases involving teens or youths.

They urge the public to remember that drinking and driving is illegal and anyone caught in violation will be prosecuted.