Police Remove Safe Driving Signs After Criticism About it’s Photo

 | Mon 11 Apr 2016 05:12 ICT

CityNews – According to the Bangkok Post, Chiang Mai police have removed all signboards promoting safe driving that displayed a senior officer with two subservient women after complaints were made that the photo was not relevant to the safe driving message.

songkran sign

Photo: Shared on Chiang Mai Traffic Police’s Facebook Page.

The image that received the complaints was headed with the words “No Drowsy Driving” in Thai, with a picture of Police Region 5 Commissioner Tanitsak Teerasawat in uniform, with two women in Thai costumes sat around him acting out the traditional Songkran blessing of washing the hands of seniors.

Complaints ranged from the image being irrelevant to safe driving messages and derogatory to women, who were depicted swooning over the police commissioner who is also patting one of women on the head. Some also saw it as pure self promotion of Police Commissioner Tanitsak.

The bottom half was also advertising chicken essence, which many people also complained was an abnormal use of product placement.

The police region 5 office stated that they were only trying to promote traditional Songkran culture along with reminders to people not to drink drive and drive drowsy.

However, in wake of much criticism, the police agreed to remove the signs depicting the stated image, apologising for any hurt feeling’s or misunderstandings.

You can read more at Bangkok Post.