Police Region 5 Arrest Drug Suspects Linked to National Gangster

 | Tue 7 May 2013 10:11 ICT

CityNews – On 5th May, Police Region 5 held a press conference after they arrested five men charged with possession of drugs with intent to supply.

20,000 amphetamine pills

Snong Yoosum (26), Nopparat Wisawawisut (19), Natheethorn Sangkam (21), Warin Siritat (21) and Mana Sriyarak (21) were arrested and police seized 20,000 amphetamine pills and eight mobile phones.

An investigation revealed that police had received a tip-off that big time gangster, Non Uttaradit, an inmate at Uttaradit Prison had ordered a package of amphetamines. Police watched suspects related to Non’s gang and eventually it led them to a garbage bin at a PTT petrol station in the Pasao sub-district of Uttaradit.

The police told the press that Nopparat Wisawawisut is Non Uttaradit’s ex-wife. It’s thought his large network of drugs and suppliers is still in motion even while he is in prison.