Police Open Investigation After Chiang Mai Abuse Victim Shares Story on Facebook

 | Tue 24 Apr 2018 08:31 ICT

CityNews – Following a viral news story of a woman being beaten by her boyfriend on Facebook Live earlier this week, more women are coming out and sharing their own stories about abusive partners, including a woman from Chiang Mai.

Around midnight of April 24th, a Facebook account going by the name of SuperGirl VeryHero recorded a Facebook Live video showing her bruised and bloodied face before sharing some photos on her account. She explained in the video that she had been beaten by her boyfriend after she accidentally threw away his electronic cigarette.

In the video she explained how she had been abused by him many times, but despite multiple reports to the police, nothing was ever done.

She also said that she had once been hospitalised following a violent attack by her boyfriend, and that the abusive relationship caused her to try and commit suicide by jumping off a building but she survived.

After the video was widely shared in Chiang Mai, police decided to open an investigation into the claims. After visiting the woman’s residence in Chang Phueak, the police were unable to find the woman and have now turned their attention onto finding her boyfriend.