Police Help Calm Suicidal Swedish Man

 | Tue 2 Jun 2015 04:19 ICT

CityNews – A Swedish man was taken into custody after police were called to assist with a man who had allegedly tried to commit suicide by jumping off a building on Chang Klan road, on Saturday May 30.

swedish man

Police arrived to the scene at around 11.30pm to discover the man with a nylon rope around his neck, stuck on the second floor.

He had jumped from the fourth floor but was only slightly injured after landing on the second floor.

The man has been identified as 57-year-old Jan-Erik Phengphet Norddell.

His wife owns a Thai-Swedish restaurant in the building and police were told that she and her husband had quarreled in the morning, with her leaving the building.

Norddell was allegedly drunk from drinking throughout the day, after unsuccessfully contacting his wife.

Residents saw the restaurant was closed and subsequently discovered Norddell in a state of stress and grief.

He was shouting and began to take to the top floor to commit suicide.

Police could also not contact his wife who is thought to be in Sarapee district with her family.

Officials are watching over Norddell to prevent him from committing suicide.