Police crack down on crime, arrest nearly 1,000

 | Thu 13 Aug 2020 13:38 ICT

Fifth Region police say that they have confiscated over 600 motorbikes between the 6th and 12th August as part of a national plan to fight back against crime, arresting 865 people, mostly for drug-related crimes.

From the 747 arrested for drug offences, a total of 4,146,257 pills were discovered and confiscated. 63 were found to be in possession of firearms and ammunition. 71 exhaust pipes were confiscated and 603 motorbikes.

The police told reporters that there has been a notable rise in crimes over the past few months, mostly involving theft, with many criminals resorting to the use of firearms to intimidate victims, hence the national crackdown.

One area which police say they will crack down even harder are the ‘dek waen’, loosely translated as youth gangs or juvenile delinquents. A total of 1,600 raids have been made against this group with the confiscation of hundreds of vehicles.

Vulnerable spots such as gold shops, 24 hour service providers and such will be monitored on CCTV around the clock.