Police Arrest Man Charged with Stealing Goods out of Motorcycles

 | Mon 13 May 2013 12:39 ICT

CityNews – On 12th May, 11 a.m. Chiang Mai City Police arrested Jarun Thongkam (43) who is charged with stealing property from under motorcycle seats near public parks and stadiums in Chiang Mai.

The police told the press that they had previously received many calls from people saying they had had their bikes broken in to. An investigation led police to look at people in Chiang Mai who had been arrested for similar crimes. Jarun, police say, had two previous convictions for stealing from motorcycles.

Jarun, while under surveillance, was seen going to DM Phone Shop in Hangdong district with an iPhone 4S. When police checked they found that the serial number matched a stolen phone. The owner of the shop told police that Jarun had also sold him a Blackberry phone and a Samsung S3.

When Jarun was arrested he immediately confessed and told police that he had been taking phones for a long time. He then took police to his house where they found a lot more mobile phones.

If you have had your belongings stolen lately then you can go and have a look at the stolen items at Chiang Mai City Police Station on Rachadamneon Road.