Police and Soldiers Team Up to Catch Tai Yai Loan Sharks

 | Fri 1 Apr 2016 07:46 ICT

CityNews – 1 April, Police and soldiers team up to nab Tai Yai loan sharks Around midnight last night, soldiers and police officers joined forces to arrest a group of Tai Yai loan sharks following the policy of Chiang Mai’s governor.


Maj. Sophon Phatkasem, leader of Military Circle 33, said that his force cooperated with police to discuss a plan to crack down on illegal loan sharks. Around 9pm on 31 March, a man believed to be a suspicious person was withdrawing money from a Krung Thai ATM when police arrested him.

Police questioned the man, named Dum or Khum Longtun, and later inspected his Mae Rim home, where he lives with his wife and son-in-law, Rangman Longtun. During the inspection, police found 9 ATM cards, 350,000 baht in cash, title deeds, and loan agreements. Police then inspected the room of 33-year-old Boonma Boonthong at VPF pig farm, who said it was his duty to withdraw money and sent it to Dum, who deducts 10-15 baht from each loaner per month. Using the money he made, he bought a house, a car, and constructed an ice factory in Mueang district. The men will be prosecuted by Mae Rim police and will be questioned to seek other loan sharks later.