Pol. Col. Throws tantrum after bag search at CNX

 | Mon 13 Jul 2020 13:05 ICT

A police colonel, whose name has not been revealed, is being investigated for an incident at Chiang Mai International Airport on 10th July.

A story and video clip went viral on social media after a senior police colonel who was later found to be a senior official at the Foreign Affairs Division, was caught in a full blown tantrum at Chiang Mai International Airport after being asked to do a routine bag check. He was seen shouting, screaming and throwing insults at officials. He was finally detained and two men escorted him away from the bag screening area.

The police colonel was finally calmed down with airport officials talked to him and explained that this was routine procedure.

The speaker for the police has come out to say that they will conduct a full investigation into his behavior.

The video posted by Chiang Mai News