Plans to Legalise Foreign Tour Guides Angers Local Guides

 | Mon 22 Jun 2015 09:26 ICT

CityNews – Around 300 Thai tour guides flocked to protest outside the Chiang Mai – Yunnanese Residents Association building located in the Sriphum area, after plans to allow foreign tour guides to register and work legally in Thailand were released by the Department of Tourism on June 21.

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Led by Wittaya Pongsiri, president of the Chiang Mai Guide Friends Association, and Manop Saejia, president of Rak Lanna Guides Association, the group of around 300 guides protested the new plans, suggesting that the plans will destroy the Thai guide’s chance to work.

Wittaya also said that to allow foreign tour guides to work legally in Thailand will cause local guides to become unemployed and unable to develop their skills as guides.

Currently, it is illegal for any non-Thai national to work in the tour guide sector.

After the protest, the two associations met to draft documents that will be sent to the Department of Tourism, asking to reconsider their plans.