Pick-up Driver of Hit and Run Case to Take Responsibility

 | Fri 24 Aug 2018 06:26 ICT

CityNews – A driver on the hit and run case that killed two girls has taken responsibility.

Last week two girls were killed in a traffic accident on the second ring road, in Hang Dong. The were run over by the pick-up truck which came along the road. The driver of the pick-up truck fled the scene. Later on August 17th, police identified the driver who was referred to as a Police General Officer. The alleged driver released a statement that he owns the car but was not the driver which is in contrast with the witness statement which stated that a man in his 50s was at the scene.

The families of the deceased girls have reached out to the Help Crime Victim Club and the Lisu alliance of Thailand to help with the case.

Today, the Police General Officer admitted that he was the driver. He stated that he fled from the scene because his wife who was riding with him was in shock, and he was worried as she had a heart disease.

The Police General Officer has contacted the families of the deceased girl and apologised for the accident. He will take responsible for the incident and will admit to any charges by the law.