Pi Tia’s mum gets a DNA test

 | Wed 10 Jun 2020 16:14 ICT

Last month a dog who lived on the Chiang Mai University campus was found dead off campus, following a multi-day search. Students, teachers and alumni were outraged as this dog, Pi Tia, was considered an unofficial mascot for the university. There was city-wide grief which soon turned to outrage when it was found – from CCTV footage – that Pi Tia had been taken off campus that night by a man on a motorbike, with the CCTV footage following his bike to the turn off from where Pi Tia’s body was found.

A police corporal came forward to admit that it was he who had taken the dog off campus, for a trip, and had caused an accident which led to his death.

Matters did not die there, especially when foundation, Watchdog Thailand got involved. Watchdog Thailand has vowed to prosecute the corporal to the full extent of the law.

Today Watchdog Thailand, along with a dozen or so of Pi Tia’s fanclub, took Pi Tia’s mother, Toong Ngern, to have a DNA test. The purpose is to prove that Toon Ngern is Pi Tia’s mother, which then can prove that Pi Tia was not a stray dog, but in fact, belonged to a man who lived just off campus. This man is seeking 100,000 baht compensation from the corporal. Watchdog Thailand says that it will also be filing charges of illegal disposal of an animal carcass.