Phichit Gold Mine Opens Doors to Media Following Arsenic Accusations

 | Fri 23 May 2014 14:26 ICT

CityNews – Residents of the northern province of Phichit had made complaints against Akara Mining Co. Ltd alleging that their gold mine was the cause of arsenic and manganese fumes being released into the surrounding air. The company then reassured the public that their environmental management system was top notch and that the media are welcome to investigate for themselves.

Arsenic’s metallic grey appearance.

On Tuesday, 20th May, Pakorn Sukum, managing director of Akara Mining announced that the company is always concerned with the safety of their staff and maintains high environmental standards, especially as they are operating in a residential community. He stated that their environmental management system deals with the issues of dust, polluted water and chemicals, and that there is no problem in these areas.

Pakorn also mentioned that the company provides health-checks for all staff every year, to make sure that they are not exposed to arsenic and other chemicals. Akara Mining Co., Ltd is now positive that its mine can withstand the scrutinity of the public eye, and is ready for investigation.

Arsenic exposure has been known to increase chances of developing various forms of cancer as well as other illnesses. Along with many of its compounds, Arsenic is an especially potent poison. Many water supplies close to mines are often contaminated by these poisons.

Manganese compounds are not as toxic as those found in other metals such as copper, but exposure to manganese fumes and dust can be highly toxic once exceeding a ceiling value of 5 mg/m3..

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