Phayao’s world’s first ‘vientiene’ candle procession ceremony on water

 | Fri 18 Feb 2022 16:23 ICT

On Macha Bucha day this week, Phayao saw the world’s first candle procession by water, as worshipers held candles on boats, circling an island in Phayao Lake three times.

The temple on the lake has organised the candle procession for the 44th year now on Macha Bucha day, an important day on the religious calendar. However, this year, the event which was sponsored by TAT Chiang Rai, saw 30 boats join the procession, Citylife on one.

This temple, Wat Tilokaram, is 520 years old, and considered a very sacred temple to the people of Phayao.

The governor of Phayao, who presided over the event, said that from now on they will hold this water candle procession ceremony three times per year on Macha Bucha, Wisakha Bucha and Asarnaha Bucha days.

Citylife thanks the director of TAT Chiang Rai for his kind invitation…we were pretty blown away!