Patient Fell out of Bed from a Reckless Transfer at Nakornping Hospital

 | Fri 28 Sep 2018 07:12 ICT

CityNews – Nakornping Hospital has drawn sharp criticism for causing a patient to fall out of a stretcher while on the emergency entry ramp.

A video clip has been released on social media exposing a reckless patient transfer by medical staff that causes a patient to fall out of bed while on an entry ramp at Nakornping Hospital. The video has left many people shocked and appalled.

On September 27th, the hospital published a statement to clarify the incident which occurred on the 22nd. The statement explained that the patient’s bed wheel was jostled by a crack in the ramp causing the patient to slide off the bed. The patient, who was being hospitalised for internal bleeding in the brain following a traffic accident, reportedly went through a CT scan and is confirmed to have no further injury from the fall.

The hospital has reportedly renovated this ramp once due to the high slope. Following this incident, the hospital has promised to carry out another renovation and to tighten medical staff procedure.

The 33 year old daughter of a patient, who released video clip on social media stated that it was not her intention to damage the hospital’s reputation but she demanded the hospital to take responsibility for the incident which she has not yet been contacted from the hospital’s administration on the matter.

The 62 year old patient has now been transferred to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital.