Pakakayor Karen people trucking tonnes of goods to the city

 | Wed 13 May 2020 15:24 ICT

The latest of many reports of kindness from our tribal friends in the mountains is that a group of Pakakayor Karen people from Pang Hin Fon, Mae Chaem, have packed up truckloads of supplies to donate to the needy in the city.

In total 607 bags of rice weighing just over three tonnes, 500 kgs of Japanese cucumbers, 500 kgs of Japanese onions, 500 kgs of cauliflower and 500 kgs of potatoes were delivered to Chiang Mai to help those who cannot afford to buy food at this time.

Mayor Tassanai Buranupakorn officially received the donations which arrived from Mae Chaem yesterday, thanking the representatives of the Karen, and telling them that they have been incredibly kind to come all the way to help the many who are desperate in the city. He told the representatives that their generosity has been greatly appreciated by the city which will not forget what they have done to help out. He promised the group that he would distribute it well to those who really need it.

Boonleu Thammatharanuraks, District Chief of Mae Chaem said that this effort has been made by the Pakakayor people themselves who were worried about their fellow Thai citizens and concerned for their well being. Some of the goods donated, such as rice, are in fact spare stocks which are normally kept in the villages for emergencies, but they said that it makes them more happy to give than to keep.