Over 100 million scammed from over 200 people

 | Fri 9 Jul 2021 11:52 ICT

Over twenty people complained to the Fifth Region Technology Crime Suppression Division after reportedly scammed of over 100 million baht.

Early Wednesday morning, complaints were made against a 32 year old woman by twenty victims who say they represent over 200 other victims.

The woman, who goes by NidNoi, is from Mae Chaem and is well known in the online shares social groups, having been active in various schemes for six years, say a representative of the group.

Initially she invited people to play online shares and investments, essentially a pyramid scheme, but has in later years begun to offer loans with up to 10% interest for ten days and 30% per month.

Most people reportedly put in tens of thousands at first and when they received returns in their investments, they began to invest more and more, some in the millions. In total nearly 200 people have invested over 100 million baht, with many being Thai expatriates in Korea or Australia.

Following many years of consistent returns on investments, often in gold, people began to invest more and more, and by June of this year the returns began to dry up. Excuses about faulty application or government oversight were used for delays in payment and by the 2nd July NidNoi posted that the pyramid had crumbled and that there was no money left.

While most invested in the tens and hundreds of thousands, two people invested between them 30 million baht.

NidNoy had always touted the fact that her boyfriend was a police officer, and victims of her scheme are fearful that they will not receive justice.

The Technology Crime Suppression Division have told all victims what documents to prepare so that they can help build a case and track the money.