Outbreak of PRRS, a virus affecting pigs

 | Fri 28 Aug 2020 15:36 ICT

There has been an outbreak of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) across Chiang Mai and Lamphun recently which has seen pigs in ten villages affected.

Officials have sent out warnings to villagers across the north that they have 12 hours in which to report any cases, or face consequences by law. The announcement also warns against the disposal of pig carcasses with authorities saying that they will come to collect and dispose of them as well as put down any other supposed affected animals. Large holes are being dug in many villages to dispose of the carcass of dead pig as well as those which are euthenised.

They urge people to ensure that all pork is well cooked prior to consumption and assure the public that they are doing everything to curb the infections.