Only Fourth Day Smog Has Exceeded Safety Levels This Year, Says Authorities

 | Wed 16 Mar 2016 05:52 ICT

CityNews – March 16th, Chiang Mai is facing a severe smog problem, with pollution levels far exceeding the acceptable international levels and authorities are urging people to wear appropriate masks when doing activities outdoors.


On the March 15th, according to authorities, was the fourth day this year that the PM10 levels exceeded safety levels at 138 (international safety standard is 50, but Thailand has raised the safety bar to 120).

Kamonchai Khacha, Director of the 16 Conservation Centre Areas, acting as Head of Department of Prevention and Mitigation of Wildfire and Smog Problems in the North, said that according to the Meteorological Department information, the levels have risen due to the southern winds blowing polluted air from southern provinces such as Lampang and Phrae. He also said that the PM10 levels were measured at Yupparaj School in the heart of the old city and since it is a congested area with much traffic, levels have been affected.

He went on to say that wild fire is an important contributor to the pollution levels but said that the planning and solutions this year for the prevention of wildfire has been the best ever, and due to this strategy, the number of hotspot fires this year has decreased from this time last year by 88%, with only 46 forest fires spotted this year.