Oldies Dressed in High School Uniform Celebrate New School for the Elderly

 | Mon 19 Oct 2015 07:57 ICT

CityNews – 70 elderly people, dressed in high school uniforms smiling and laughing, celebrated the opening of the School for the Elderly at Health Care Centre for the Elderly in Tha Sala district on October 18.

elderly school

According to Siripat Kawila, the mayor of Tha Sala Subdistrict Municipality, the school will be used by the elderly to come learn and get involved with activities useful for them and their life. It also is a centre with courses aimed at reducing health problems.

Students will attend classes twice a month, 17 times in total through a full course.

They will learn to take care of their health and mind and join activities to maintain local culture and traditions.

On the day, the elderly people sang songs, danced, and listened to a dharma lecture.

There are currently 1,110 elderly people living in the Tha Sala sub-district.