No End to Drought

 | Tue 5 Apr 2016 09:58 ICT

CityNews – April 5th, Chiang Mai is still suffering from severe drought.
On the April 4th, Jansark Limpiti, director of Chiang Mai Irrigation Office, said that water levels are now dangerously low with Mae Ngad Dam down to 14.37% of capacity and Mae Guang Dam at 18.36% capacity. Water is being rationed but with no signs of rain, he asks all citizens to be mindful of water usage.
Tiwa Radeerom, Administrator of Mae Rim Waterworks Department, said that the Mae Rim farmers were initially promised 13,920 cubic metres of water per day, but due to shortage they are only receiving 7,400 cbm per day. Water is now being released in different areas on alternate days.
Chiang Mai is now working with the Ministry of Commerce to offer low priced produce to those in need, slashing prices for necessities in life such as eggs, rice, oil and sugar by 20-40%.
Neunghatai Tantiplubthong, Director of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation department, said that due to limited humidity in the air and severe heat, it is unable to generate rain from cloud seeding.