No COVID-19 in Arunothai Village, contrary to rumours

 | Fri 20 Mar 2020 13:17 ICT

CityNews – 20th March 2020, social media has been at it again, spreading rumours that COVID-19 has been found to have spread in Arunothai village in Chiang Dao, causing locals to go into a panic as well as being offended at the onslaught of insults from social media users who have accused villagers of not having proper hygiene or not being educated enough to care for themselves.

According to Wutthikarn Taweepheeradeephum, the village head, there have been no cases found in the village and he doesn’t know where the rumour could have come from.

In order to calm the panic of people across Chiang Dao, Wutthikarn has taken the unusual step of reporting this fake news to the police in hopes other people would be more cautious about spreading false news, he told CityNews.