Nimman Road Confusion

 | Fri 24 Jun 2016 06:38 ICT

CityNews – With condominiums, shops, bars and restaurants opening up on a weekly basis, Nimmanhaemin is over crowded.

Last December, the Traffic Police announced their new one way system, implemented on Christmas day, turning sois 1-9 into one way east bounding and 11-13 as west bounding one way sois.

On 21st May, following protests from many residents as to the inconvenience of the system, the police announced that they would temporarily cancel the system.

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Yesterday, 23rd June, the Traffic Police announced that they are currently studying the entire area and may indeed bring back the one way system at a later date. They said that drivers on the whole were very satisfied with the one way system, it was only the residents of Nimman who were complaining.

They also say that the traffic has become noticeably worse since they scrapped the one way system and people are now parking on both sides of the road, in spite of signs indicating which days they are allowed to park on which side.

They say that they will enforce traffic violations more and that following a study will make an announcement at a later date as to the solution for Nimman’s traffic.