Night Safari welcomes baby black bear

 | Mon 2 Nov 2020 16:42 ICT

Last week Chiang Mai Night Safari introduced a new Asian black bear which was born on the 24th October from Papa Po and Mae Nong Doi. A healthy cub, naturally nurtured by its parents, the bear is now one of 15 Asian black bears living at the Night Safari.

Bear cubs love eating honey and are vegetarian, zoo officials said. Nocturnal, they can be found sleeping in nooks of trees during the day. The bears love swimming, are antisocial, often living alone or in small groups of two or three and can be very fierce, often fighting to the death. Black bears have a 7-8 month pregnancy and birth between one and two cubs each pregnancy. The mother will care for them until they are able to care for themselves. They are also on the verge of extinction.