New U-turn Rules on Arak Road from Suan Dok Hospital Exit

 | Wed 27 Jul 2016 04:20 ICT

CityNews – Thai Traffic Police Radio announced new traffic controls on Arak Road starting July 26, from the exit of Suan Dok hospital to the first and second U-turn.

During the rush hours of 6am – 9am and 3pm – 6pm, the traffic at the Suan Dok gate and along Arak road (outside ring of the moat travelling north towards Ram Hospital) becomes gridlocked, partly due to cars joining Arak road and then attempting to cross three lanes of traffic to take the first U-turn into the inside ring of the moat road.

The Thai Traffic Police have now announced that cars entering Arak road from the Suan Dok Hospital exit must slowly merge across traffic to take the second available U-turn rather than cutting across traffic to reach the first one.

New road markings have been drawn up and cars must not cross the solid white line between lane two and three, forcing them to continue to the correct U-turn and preventing them cutting into flowing traffic.

The photos below help explain the new rules.

Left turn from Suan Dok Hospital exit (left) and stay in lane. No U-turn allowed.
After joining road, stay in lane. Only cars in the right hand lane already may U-turn at this point (blue). All other traffic must continue (yellow) to the next U-turn.
The white line must not be crossed. Only cars that have merged before the U-turn (yellow arrow in second picture) may take the U-turn, all other traffic must continue straight.